Radar for Mariners, Revised Edition by David Burch

Radar for Mariners, Revised Edition

Book Title: Radar for Mariners, Revised Edition

Publisher: International Marine/Ragged Mountain Press

ISBN: 0071830391

Author: David Burch

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David Burch with Radar for Mariners, Revised Edition

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Become an Expert Small-Craft Radar Operator

Nothing beats radar for guiding your boat through the darkest night or the thickest fog. Radar enables you to plot a fix from just a single buoy or landmark, and it is the only navigation tool that tells you not just where you are, but who else or what else is out there with you. Today's smaller, affordable, efficient radars make more sense than ever for sailors and powerboaters.

Adopted by the American Sailing Association for their radar course and used by professional and recreational radar training schools around the world, this complete, in-depth manual shows you how to:

  • Choose the best radar model for your sailboat or powerboat
  • Install, adjust, and operate your system
  • Interpret the images on your radar screen
  • Pilot your boat and track the movements of vessels around you
  • Use radar to track and avoid squalls, outmaneuver competitors in a yacht race, and other specialized tasks
  • Interface your radar with a digital compass, GPS, or electronic chart

"This book will turn you into an expert on small-craft radar operations. It covers everything--radar choice, installation, use, and how to interface with your electronics. Very comprehensive!" -- Boat Books

"Stands out among other books on the subject . . . an excellent introduction to radar." -- Power Cruising

"Radar is an electronic tool, the operation of which takes much more interpretation than any other--too little knowledge can be just as dangerous as none. Radar for Mariners helps you understand how radar works, explains its limitations, and shows you how to get the full use of radar's functions. This book should show up on the radar screen of anyone with radar--or contemplating getting one. I can't wait to go to my boat and stop playing with my radar and start using it." -- Good Old Boat