Early Childhood Education Today (11th Edition) by George S. Morrison

Early Childhood Education Today (11th Edition)

Book Title: Early Childhood Education Today (11th Edition)

Publisher: Merrill Pearson

ISBN: 0135010527

Author: George S. Morrison

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George S. Morrison with Early Childhood Education Today (11th Edition)

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This comprehensive, best-selling text on Introduction to Early Childhood Education focuses on the early care and education of young children from birth to age eight.    Written at a time of change in education, the author writes about the challenges facing early child educators today.  More than ever before, teachers are being held accountable for children’s progress.  Every teacher must interact with each child in developmentally and culturally appropriate ways, while also meeting the state and school district standards.  The need for teachers to be competent in all areas of professional practice has never been greater.  Known for its Voices of Professionals features, its coverage of professionalism is woven throughout the book and continues to be exceptionally strong. 


Seven core themes are integrated throughout the text and provide a framework for understanding and implementing these practical and applied strategies to become an effective teacher.  The seven themes are:


·        Professionalism in Practice

·        Theory into Practice

·        Diversity

·        Family-Centered, Community-Based Practice

·        Timeliness

·        Developmentally Appropriate Practice

·        Technology Applied to Teaching and Learning


The new edition also continues its strong coverage of development in the age-specific chapters (chapters 9-12,) as well as the strongest coverage of special needs on the market.